Pee Wee Gymkhana

leadlineVery similar to a regular Gymkhana, but at a much slower pace, Pee Wee Gymkhana is for children under the age of 13, walk trot only, that have never cantered at an equine event.

The Club has a lead-line division in which the children ride while an adult leads the horse.



There is also a non-lead-line division for children who can ride unassisted.

This is a wonderful family event and an excellent way to introduce your children to horsemanship – whether they are already riding or only dreaming of it.  These events get started at 9:00 am.

familyIf you have any questions or suggestions for the Pee Wee Gymkhana please contact Stacy Bennett at

2018 Pee Wee Gymkhana

2018 NWRDC Peewee Book

2018 Dates ~ May 20th, June 16th, July 28th, August 18th, and September 29th

Year End Results from previous years can be found on our Facebook page!