NWRDC is a member supported, non-profit organization. The officers and board of directors are volunteers who are voted into their positions by members at the annual meeting, usually held in November.

Monthly meetings are open to the public and are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the VFW, on Lake Street in St. Albans. Only members in good standing are eligible to vote at any of the meetings.

2020 NWRDC membership application

The Ground Rules:   2018 Ground Rules

NWRDC By-laws Amended 2012

NWRDC Code of Conduct:

The Pee Wee Gymkhana, the Gymkhana, the Horse Shows, and Extreme Trail Challenges each have their own set of rules that are published in the “book” for the year.  However, the Club has agreed that there is a certain standard of behavior that should be followed whenever a member rides, whether at the Club, as a representative of the Club or at any competition.  The following is the Code which the Club expects each member to exemplify:

1.  As a NWRDC member, competitor and/or horse owner, I acknowledge my obligation to uphold and adhere to the highest standards of horsemanship, sportsmanship, and citizenship whenever I am representing my club whether as a member, individual competitor, or horse owner, and whether during actual competition or not.

2.  As a horseman, I will place my horse’s welfare above all other considerations and faithfully observe the NWRDC code of conduct.

3.  As a sportsman, I will know and comply with all pertinent rules of NWRDC, and honor the principles of fair play inherent in them.

4.  I understand and accept that serious or repeated transgressions of these Codes may be grounds for suspension from the club, or other appropriate disciplinary action.

5.  A professional level of conduct in keeping with industry standards is to be maintained at all times.

6.  Emphasis should be placed on increasing education and training and equestrian practices.

7.  In the interests of safety for the rider and the horse, the Club expects that the competence of the rider shall be appropriate to the level of competition in which they are participating.

8.  No Participant will act cruelly to any horse.  Acting cruelly includes, but is not limited to:
*  the excessive use of whips or spurs, or any object to strike a horse;
*  making a demand of exercise beyond the capabilities or fitness of the horse;
*  the use of ill-fitting or broken tack or equipment which causes pain

9.  All Participants must conduct themselves in consideration and respect for fellow Participants:
*  Take the High Road – How do you handle gossip? The rumor mill is an ugly place, and the best way to handle it is to stay away from it.
*  Seek Win/Win Solutions – In most situations where there is conflict, there are more possible solution. Take a step back from our position. Evaluate what you and the other person are looking for. Make the suggestion that there are other solutions that you both haven’t considered, and take some time to explore what they might be.
*  Have an Open Mind – Encounter other aspects of the industry from a learning perspective.
*  Keep the Promises You Make – Deliver what you say you can. If you can’t deliver it, don’t promise it.